Dedicated Servers

Having the server you need is now very easy, configurable with high uptime and quality service understanding.
Our dedicated servers are at your esteemed customers service.

1 CPU Servers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is a Dedicated Server?
    Dedicated servers are located in an environment where electricity and internet are up at all times and servers physically protected with on-site security and CCTV.
    When you order a dedicated server, you will have all of it's resources devoted to you. New generation CPU's with maximum efficiency and support for many GB's of RAM.
  • What is the internet speed?
    All of our servers are connected to 10Gbit redundant backbone. Depending on the time of the day, your server has access to 100mbps connection speed.
  • Why should I choose dedicated servers?
    Dedicated servers have high process power and reliable storage.
    Dedicated servers are recommended to users that have / use

    + E-commerce websites with high traffic
    + Multiplayer games
    + Management softwares used by many users
    + Email servers

    Such applications that require high process power, handling heavy traffic are expected to run on dedicated servers.
  • What are the benefits of dedicated servers?
    Makdos works with best datacenters. There are extreme cautions to prevent any interruptions about power and internet.
    This is how Makdos provides the highest uptime guarantee.
  • What are the hardware specifications of dedicated servers?
    On the CPU side, last generation Intel CPU's are preferred. These new generation CPU's offer %30 more performance with same clock speed. Our infrastructures' disks are %70 SSD and we also provide other types of disks on demand.
  • Is DDoS protection included?
    As Makdos we are aware of how important protection is and understand the value of your business. We also offer advanced security measures as an additional service to DDoS attacks, one of the worst threats to servers and networks.
    DDoS attacks can shutdown a website, game server and badly effects the bandwidth. This is why, we offer additional protection for your servers to prevent any potential threat.
  • What is the difference between cloud server and dedicated server?
    The basic concept of cloud servers is a type of virtual server that is created by using shared hardware on one or more physical servers.
    For example, we have a physical server with 8GB of RAM and 100GB of storage. Let's think about creating a cloud server and allocating it 1 GB of RAM and 10 GB of storage space.
    In this case, we could create 8 cloud servers, each with 1 GB RAM in a physical server. There would be 8 different cloud servers that use a single physical server resource, and these cloud servers can be assigned to 8 different customers.

    In dedicated servers, all of the resources are assigned to one customer.
  • What are the details of Management Tools and Operating Systems for Dedicated Servers?
    If you have a Linux based server it means you have full root access and if you have a Windows based server it means you have full administrator access.
    This means that you can perform any operation that you wish.
  • Is there any affordable dedicated server option?
    There are dedicated servers at different prices and specifications in Makdos. You can narrow down your search by sorting the table of dedicated servers in ascending order according to the price.

Services and Products

DDoS Protection
Pay attention to the high performance you get from Makdos on your dedicated servers. With our protected IPs that we offer as an additional service, you know that you are completely safe against DDoS Attacks and you can continue to work comfortably.

Wide Operating System Options
There are several options for Linux (Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD etc.), Windows (Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.) and various virtualization systems.

All our dedicated servers use SSD disks. Each server is configured with different RAID options on different Storage.

For all our dedicated servers we use ECC Ram. This significantly improves the reliability of our servers.

Tier III Data Center
Our infrastructure, which is globally defined as Tier III data center standards, and our backup infrastructure, which is built entirely using Cisco Network appliances, has 99.8% Uptime.

Customized Network
Our network infrastructure is strong enough to provide data flow smoothly at very large capacities. These substructures are provided by switches manufactured by Cisco, the world's leading brand.

Redundant Network
Makdos Technology has its own dedicated backbone and cabinets separated by itself from the data center, with Cisco devices and N + N Backed-up infrastructure providing a total 20 Gbit uplink and uninterrupted energy solution.

Panel Support
You can manage your dedicated servers in Makdos with your 24/7 remote access service via your customer panel for free. You have the option of power on / power off / reboot and console access in your panel to quickly process your server.

Guaranteed Parts
All our hardwares are covered by our guarantee for failures that may occur in our physical servers, where our dedicated servers are hosted. The parts replacement procedures will be completed as soon as possible.

24/7 Technical Support
In order to solve the questions and problems in the fastest way; our expert team provides fast support to our valued customers in Turkish and English 7/24 via ticket system.

Basic Support Pack

We provide 7/24 monitoring service for you. You are being notified instantly for critical situations by email and sms which includes your current service status and most recent information.

Uptime Guarantee
We proudly guarantee %99.8 uptime with high availability. In any event of failure, our technical team responds immediately and identifies the problem.

7/24/365 Support
Our tech team works 7/24 to provide you help in any time you need. You can create support tickets to get help as soon as possible.

Sales Support
Our sales team works to provide best price for your needs and demands. We have specially designed options for all of our customers.

Professional Support Pack

Business Grade Service
We have a special team works for businesses that value consistency. Our team responds to any potential issues within 30 minutes and identifies the fault. Professional team of ours is always ready for assisting you.

Hardware for Your Needs
Our expert team is ready to provide custom configurations for any kind of demands and requests made by our customers. To serve optimum performance and security we work with the worlds top brands of our industry.

Improved Network Support
Your data is analyzed by our specialists to determine your needs and network infrastructure. Makdos Firewall is specially designed and configured according to your needs. You can have Failover Cluster service on-demand to improve efficiency.

Premium Customer Service
We prioritize our business customers' support tickets. All businesses have an account manager assigned to help you as fast as possible.

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