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Domain Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is domain transfer?
    You may have multiple reasons to transfer a domain. The reasons to transfer to Makdos could be better quality of service, more features and better security or basically you are not happy with your current service provider.
    You should note the several important steps while transfering a domain.
    To transfer a domain you are required have the domain for at least 60 days and need to have authorization code. (a.k.a EPP)
    You can use this page after acquiring your EPP code.
  • How to transfer my domain somewhere else?
    If you wish to transfer your domain to somewhere else, the authority may ask you the authorization code (EPP) to confirm that you are the owner of the domain. You can always create a support ticket to access this code.
  • Cost of a domain transfer
    There is no additional fee for transferring domains to Makdos. Although, as ICANN rules apply, transferred domains must be renewed for 1 year. As a result, 1 year renewal costs are applied.

    Note: If you have a domain that registered for 10 years, renewal process does not apply when transfering.
    If you just renewed your domain, we suggest you to wait for at least 60 days before proceeding to domain transfer. If not, your domain might not be renewed upon transfer.
  • Rules of transfer domain
    To be able to transfer a domain:

    You should have a domain.
    Your domain should be registered in accordance with registering rules.
    Domain should be registered for at least 60.
    Your domain status should not be the following: clientUpdateProhibited, ServerUpdateProhibited, clientHold
    Domains under restoration or domains under any court restrictions can not be transferred.
  • Why should I transfer my domain?
    Your presence on the internet is a crucial factor for your organization's success. Web hosting companies provide online presence for you.
    You should check the companies for their control panels, availability, security and quality of service before transfering a domain.
    As Makdos, our domain transfer opportunities, competitive prices and high quality service understanding are ideal for both businesses and individuals.
  • Why should I transfer to Makdos?
    Makdos offers smooth transfer experience so that your customers and followers are not affected during this process. While transfering a domain, what our customers value the most is a safe, simple and trouble-free process. That is exactly what Makdos planned and presented to you.
  • Domain Transfer Steps
    Transferring domains to Makdos is easy. Just follow these steps.
    Contact your current service provider and ask for authorization code.(EPP code)
    Make sure that theft protection is off. (Theft protection prevents transfering a domain under any circumstances.)
    Enter your domain and your EPP code to the fields in our page.
    Follow the instructions on the page and confirm the transfer.
  • How long does the transfer take?
    Domain transfers are quick and easy to do in just seven days.

    There is nothing you need to do during this time. In any case, the Makdos authorities will contact you and provide you with the necessary information.

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