About Us

Our mission

To provide our customers with products and services that they can use effectively and efficiently in the highest quality format. Providing seamless, fast and reliable internet service to our customers and providing complete customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our mission is to be a leading Hosting company providing solutions for the best total information technology with the best quality and service understanding by expanding our business scope to include Balkans, Turkish Republics, Europe and Middle East.

About Our Company

Our company was established in Istanbul in 2014 in order to offer Individual and Corporate Internet Services. Since the day it was founded, it has aimed to offer uninterrupted, fast and reliable internet services to its customers and to complete customer satisfaction.

Since 2014, our company is mainly operating in the corporate hosting market. For this purpose, with May 2014, it continues its services with a new corporate identity and new services. Our aim is to be able to reach an ambitious position both in the individual and institutional market, to increase the market share to the highest levels and to be the first name that comes to mind in terms of internet services in Turkey.

Our services include Domain Registration, Hosting, E-Mail Services, Virtual Server Services (VPS), Dedicated Server Services, Teamspeak, Security Software (SSL Licenses), Streaming Services (Live Broadcast) and Backup Services.

We always follow the innovations and keep up with the innovations to protect and improve the quality of our services. To be able to provide the best service, it is necessary to work with the best. For this reason, we are also very particular about our business partners and suppliers. Our services are offered to you with the best software, best hardware and best internet output of the industry.

As Makdos, we will continue to provide the best service to our customers without sacrificing quality.

What does Makdos provides to you ?

Hosting Services: Our hosting services provide all kinds of domain registration, hosting services for your web pages (Linux & Windows Hosting), virtual and physical server leasing services. .

Security Services: DDoS protection service for SSL license sales, setup, and security of your servers for your site.

E-Commerce Solutions: Projects to realize all kinds of information and communication technologies that will carry your business activities to the Internet in the virtual world, electronic secure money transfer and structuring payment channels are among our solutions.

Software Solutions: Web-based computer software solutions that will enable you to make your business processes faster in electronic environment. The technologies we use are based on PHP, ASP, .NET, JAVA and database applications.

Dynamic Content Solutions: With our dynamic content solutions, you can create all kinds of flash, ActiveX and ajax components that you need or need for your pages and adapt the web pages of these components. In addition, the optimization of your site for search engines and the solutions we provide to search engines are among the solutions.

Consultancy and Maintenance Services: Your web pages and outsourced management model of your web-based platforms provide a solution for all kinds of support and maintenance services either remotely or in a verb. All services provided by our company are covered by Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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